Digital Arts For All (DAFA) 2019 Workshop


When used in the right setting, technology enables people to transform a "can't" into a "can". This rings true for digital drawing, as tools make it easier for a larger community to create, experiment and share almost instantaneously.

While the idea of using tools such as the tablet and stylus is vastly different from traditional drawing mediums, it does help to remember how even the greatest masterpieces first began with a humble dot and line.

Digital Arts For All (DAFA) is an inclusive ecosystem that uses digital arts to empower, give back and showcase. An exciting initiative kick-started in 2018 by Make The Change Pte Ltd (MTC), DAFA believes in the importance of inclusiveness in the digital space.

Hence, it offers one-of-a-kind workshops that share useful tips for a safer, smarter and kinder internet while welcoming more people to enjoy the experience of digital drawing.

Within its first 6 months, DAFA has reached out to approximately 3,000 people, 8 VWOs, and successful trained 300 of them in the span of 24 workshops.

Attendees for the upcoming workshop can expect to learn more about the trending topics of fake news, online falsehoods and the discernment of content received and shared online.

They will also learn more about basic design principles and have a go at creating their first digital artwork using the Procreate App. At the end of the workshop, they can get a copy of their finished artwork as well as a video of their drawing process (recorded on Procreate App).

**The use of digital canvas tools like the Procreate App, iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil will be provided for the workshop.

Fri Mar 8, 2019
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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MAD School
DAFA - Public Workshop SOLD OUT $10.00
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30 Merchant Rd. #03-22 Singapore
Make The Change